Sermon notes 4/28/2019

Why do we Pray?
Father we come to you in prayer because:
·         Prayer is the key that opens heaven´s doors.
·         We come because prayer is the vehicle that connects people of faith to their God.
·         We come in prayer because prayer is the conduit of God to mankind, prayer provides God’s divine energy and strength to those who ask.
·         We come in prayer because you Father, are the resource for our wisdom, our understanding, and the grace that we need for today and tomorrow.

We acknowledge:
·         You God as sovereign, and in all things, we are subject to you.
·         We confess that our wisdom, our knowledge, and our understanding is limited and inadequate.
·         We acknowledge you God. We request your help in our lives.
We come in faith believing:
·         As promised by you, prayers prayed in faith will be heard and you will respond to all prayers prayed within context of Holy scripture.
·         We come expecting your help today Father, to make the right decisions.
·         We receive your strength to do the right things because we pray in faith within the context of your promised word.
·         Today we trust you to give us wisdom in every matter that presents itself before us.
With a humble heart:
·         We are asking these things from you, Heavenly Father, knowing that your counsel will bring good to all who seek it.
·         We are asking for your help today so that the trust placed in us by others and the confidence ordered by you through scripture would honor you and bless us.
·         Father we come to you humbly asking for your guidance and grace.
In closing:

·         We thank you for the privilege to come before such a mighty God with such requests as we have, and we thank you for the assurance that you have heard our requests.
·         We receive the promise of your response to prayers prayed in faith.
·         To you be the honor and glory Father, we are asking all these things in the name of Jesus your son. Amen.

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