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A place for all people who are seeking newness of life and want to connect with people who love and worship Jesus.  A  church with a vision for our neighbors and families in our community. FBCOG has a 50 year history in Farmers Branch.  We invite you to join us and experience an atomosphere of genuine friendship and whole hearted worship.



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To purposely pursue the lost with the message of Salvation through Jesus Christ.


To passionatley pray for God's divine leading and wisdom in the care of His redeemed sons and daughters.


To praise Him and give Him all the glory for the blessing of redemption.





sermon notes 7/14/2019

The Baptism of The Holy Spirit



    1.What did John the Baptist promise Jesus would do? Matthew 3:11


     2.How did Peter describe the Gentiles encounter with the Holy Spirit? Acts 11:15-17


     3.What did Jesus tell his disciples they were to do after He ascended to heaven?


Luke 24:49_______________________________________


     4. Read the following five accounts of people who received the Holy Spirit in the book of Acts. How did they receive the Spirit? Describe what happened when the people in these accounts received God’s Spirit.


Acts 2:1-6________________________________________

Acts 8:14-19______________________________________

Acts 9:17-19______________________________________

Acts 10:44-48_____________________________________

Acts 19:1-6_______________________________________


    5. Who does the Father give the Holy Spirit to?


Luke 11:13_______________________________________


Application & Reflection

Have you asked to receive God’s Holy Spirit? What did you learn from this lesson? How will you apply it to your life?



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