Last Week's Devotional

Hebrews 12:2 a

Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith... Fixing our eyes on Jesus is the answer for every situation of life. Our eye's on Jesus is our focused energy, an effort to look to Him in every day living. Pushing out interference and focusing our eyes, our senses, and our thoughts on Him. Asking, including and releasing every anxiety and insubordination thought or feeling to Him. Our declared dependency on Jesus makes every area of life subject to Him. Some issues that affect us spiritually don't seem to be spiritual at all. They seem to be temporal so the tendency to handle things ourselves is strong. Yet somehow the temporal has a way of affecting the eternal. There is a tendency of encroachment of the beggarly temporal on the eternal spiritual. Our personal disciplined surrender to Jesus allows God to become involved in our lives. Looking to Jesus declares our dependence on Him. As we submit and follow His example and ask God for His will regarding life and it's specific challenges to us. Our allowing God to work for us is not trying to manipulate God. God cannot be manipulated. Our dependence on God to shape and mold us into vessels that honor Him is surrender to Him. Looking to Jesus revels to us who we are. Looking to Jesus declares dependency on Him. Looking to Jesus allows the Holy Spirit to work in us. Ultimately surrender to Jesus in every area of life removes the things which do not glorify Him and replaces it with that which does.



Today Lord I look to you. You Lord are the author and finisher of my faith. You see me and what challenges me today. If it is clearly identifiable, I surrender it to you. If it is an encroachment of temporal needs that are affecting your spirit in me, I look to you. Jesus I ask you to let my life and living glorify you. If it does not glorify you replace it with that which does. 

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